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American Made Towels

American Made Towels

All of our towels grown and sewn in the United States. This means that from the point that the cottonseed is put into the soil at the farm, your towels, and the materials used in making them are from the United States. We have nothing against imported towels or imported cotton,  and there will always be a need for global manufacturing. However, we also know that people like you (and us), feel a responsibility to buy Made in the USA products, whenever we can. We believe in supporting the manufacturers who stay committed to the American Made movement. 

Whether your preference is a soft, luxury spa towel or a classic super absorbent ring-spun towel, or if you prefer organic cotton, we have you covered. 

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American Classic Bath Towels - Ring-Spun Cotton
From $4.99 - $79.99
American Spa, Luxury Bath Towels
From $4.99 - $99.99


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