Bath Towel Size Guide

Bath Sheet 

Dimensions: 68" x 35"

Weight:  1 lbs

Our American Towels Classic Bath Sheet (XL) is one of the biggest towels out there, coming in at a whopping 68"x35" (note that 68" is 5 Feet 6 inches of terry cloth towel. This towel is perfect for wrapping yourself up from top to bottom, when you come out of the bath or shower. In fact, this towel would feel perfectly comfortable as a beach towel or a picnic blanket. This is no wimpy towel. the nice thing about a bath sheet made of ring-spun cotton, is that despite it's size, it will fold down nicely for easy carry. On thing to note is that this towel will take longer to dry so it's important to let it hang-dry after use. 

Bath Towel 

Dimensions: 27" x 52"

Weight:  0.8 lbs

This is your traditional sized bath towel. We all know the size because we've been using this guy on a daily basis for years. Nothing to see here, folks! It's traditional, hangs nicely and looks great with a hand towel and washcloth stacked on a rack. Our ring-spun American Classic bath towels dry quickly. This is especially important in humid climates where towels take a little longer to dry. 

Pro tip: If you live in a humid climate, opt for a thinner towel. Big fat Turkish towels take a long time to dry and are apt to get sour or mildewy in humid climates. 

Bath Mat

Dimensions: 21"x34"

Weight:  0.8 lbs

While a Bath Mat typically isn't used to dry your body or hair (although it can in fact do that, in a pinch), It's an integral part of your bathroom as it keeps your floor nice and dry (and it does dry off the bottom of your peds). Our American Organic comes in at 21"x34" and sits nicely on the side or your tub when not in use. It dries quickly and is made of pure certified organic cotton. 


Dimensions: 13"x13"

Weight:  0.4 lbs

Lastly, the tiny powerhouse workhorse, the humble all American washcloth. (I always wondered why washcloth was one word but bath towel was two? If you have the answer to that, let me know in the comments section). Coming in at less than 1/2 a pound and 13"x 13" inches. You need it, you love it, and now you know it's size. 

We'll keep adding to this page as we expand our selection of towels. 

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