Contact us

Contact Us:

Unlike some of the bigger stores out there, we actually want to hear from you! You can reach out to us for: 

  • Feedback on a product you bought
  • You need a question answered before you buy from us
  • A problem with shipping
  • Damaged goods! (we all hate damaged goods) 
  • Because you're mad at us (sad emoji) 
  • Because you're happy with us (happy emoji)

We want to help with whatever it is you need.  We are here to assist, and, answer. Our hours of operation are typically 9 am - 5 pm EST, Monday - Friday, We ask if you can give us 24 hours to answer, but don't be too surprised if one of us answers your question before then. If you need to speak with us on the phone, you can contact us at  919-420-3106. We run around a lot but will try to be there to answer any of your questions.