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Wool Dryer Balls - Handmade set of 3

Handmade set of 3 felted wool dryer balls. These wool dryer balls are made from sheep living in Burlington, North Carolina. 

Felted wool dryer balls make drying clothes so much easier. Not only do they reduce the time clothes need in the dryer, but they also help to eliminate static. Essentially, these replace dryer sheets and can be used for many years. Like scented clothes? Add a few drops of essential oil to each ball to scent your laundry!

Did you Know

Shearing sheep must be practiced for the health and hygiene of each individual sheep. Unlike other animals, most sheep are unable to shed. If a sheep goes too long without being shorn, a number of problems occur. Wool dryer balls are a great way to make use of this wool and keep sheep very happy. 

These work! 

Each dryer ball is approximately the size of a tennis ball. Use all three balls for maximum benefit. 


Good Cause

Each purchase of wool dryer balls supports a farmer in the USA, and you are reducing shipping wool from around the world by shopping locally. Most wool dryer balls are made from sheep on the other side of the world; we are proud to carry wool dryer balls that are from sheep raised in the USA. Also, know that these are spoiled and loved sheep and we are proud to carry these dryer balls. 

You will also love these dryer balls because they are the size of tennis balls; and larger than most dryer balls on the market. These dryer balls will outlast smaller wool dryer balls. 


We guarantee our dryer balls will soften clothes and reduce static for 1,000 loads of wash, or 2 years of use (whichever comes first). If they don't, we'll take me back and give you replacements. How about that! 

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